Don’t Ever Try to Claim Workforces Aren’t Gendered

I used to work in education. During that period of my life, nearly every one of my co-workers was female; the majority of my friends were female. Now, my assortment of friends is starting to balance out a bit. This is because I now work in anĀ incredibly male field. Cooking is so male-dominated, as is the group of hangers-on of which I am a part. (That is, the people who live vicariously through cooks and chefs via television, the internet and/or print.)

Look at this list. By my count, there are 7 women out of 105 nominees. That’s 6.67%. That’s just not okay. And these are the best new chefs, meaning this is (admittedly a very limited) look at the future of the profession.

This is not okay. I don’t know what to do about it, but it’s not okay.