Running and Vlogging

I ran a race, and I made a vlog. The race was the Davis Moonlight Run 5k, and the vlog is this video:

Follow my channel, where I’m going to try to make weekly videos about my training, my life, and other things.

My plan was originally to write a little running report about last night’s race, for a number of reasons. It was my first-ever nighttime race, which was an interesting change to my usual racing routine. I also initially targeted this race as my chance to run a sub-18 5k, but then decided to bail on the race (and that goal) because of a spring and early summer of terrible training. But after a great track workout this week, I decided to try it anyway. All of these factors made me want to record my thoughts leading up to the race and immediately after.

I thought it might be fun to do it as a video, but it turns out that took just as much time as (if not more than) writing a blog post. But maybe having a different medium will help  my visibility, thereby boosting traffic to this site (and maybe also generating some writing and other creative opportunities to boot!)

The video is short, but the ultimate takeaway is that I did well in the Moonlight Run in terms of racing–I came in second overall, not “third or fourth” as I say in the video–but fell well short of my time goal. That just means I need to work harder, because I certainly did not train very hard this time around.

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