I Don’t Blog in June

Last year, I only posted one item between May 1 and the end of June: this post about how I had been neglecting my blog so much that I had let the URL lapse. This year, I was able to remember to renew my domain registration. (I keep doing a one-year registration, because it never feels like I can afford the payment for a multi-year one, even though that saves money long-term.) But still, I haven’t posted anything since May 29.

Part of that is that I’ve been busy. I wrote a short film that I’m shooting in September. Most of my free creative time has been taken up by planning and budgeting and hiring and casting. Even though this short is of modest ambitions, there’s still a ton to do. The bad news is that I haven’t had time to do any writing — I’m behind on my personal journal-keeping as well as my blogging, and haven’t done any creative writing beyond tweaking that short script — though the good news is that I really, really enjoy all the minute production tasks that I’ve been working on.

The other part of my silence over the last month and a half is that I am, quite simply, behind on things I want to write about. The further behind you get, the harder it is to catch up. I have about half a dozen book reports I want to write, about things I’ve read and enjoyed and learned from over the five months since my last one. I want to write more in-depth about producing this short, and learning to direct, to create shot lists and storyboards, to cast, and to do all the other minute tasks that go into a film production. I want to write all this and more.

But for now, there is no time. I have about 30 headshots and actor resumes to look over, and I need to figure out where to do these auditions.

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