Oh the Places You’ll Go (in California)

I’ve lived in California since August 2013. In the three years and five months I’ve been here, I’ve done many California things. I’ve eaten burritos in the Bay Area and fish tacos in San Diego. I’ve seen the California State Capital in Sacramento. I’ve sat in traffic in Los Angeles. I’ve been hungover on BART. I’ve gone running through beautiful countryside and exciting cities and generic suburbs.I’ve done yoga on the beach in Santa Barbara. I have a California driver’s license. I am a Californian.

There are also many, many other California things I’ve had neither the time nor the money to do. I’ve never seen a giant redwood. I’ve been to Tahoe but I didn’t even see the lake, instead spending a 36-hour bender in the South Lake casinos. Really, I haven’t done many of those quintessentially (or, perhaps, basically) California things.

I want to fix this. So here are some California things I want to do in the next year:

  • Visit Sutter’s Mill, and maybe also Old Sacramento, and definitely a gold rush town
  • Go to Redwoods National Park and see a gigantic tree
  • Spend time in Mendocino County, especially Fort Bragg or the town of Mendocino
  • Spend real time in Los Angeles, especially:
    • the La Brea Tar Pits
    • Dodger Stadium
    • Studio City
  • Visit the National Steinbeck Center and the John Steinbeck House in Salinas, and see Rocinante

Additions, December 23:

  • Lake Berryessa
  • Mount Shasta

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