Some Resolutions

Close readers of this blog (so, basically, my wife and my cat maybe, though my paltry traffic numbers leave me not totally convinced even they read me) may notice an inconsistency in my last post. As I collected my thoughts on the new year, I wrote that this year was exceptional in that I was actually making resolutions. Here’s what I wrote:

As I’ve noted in every New Year’s essay since my first one in 2011, I don’t like resolutions. (But this year I make some, see below.) Too often they’re negative, and they carry little weight beyond the end of January. I instead try to frame it positively.

First of all, this is not that much of an exception, as I’ve written almost that exact same thing before. Second of all, I never actually stated the resolutions I made this year. So here they are:

  • Stop biting my fingernails and, moreover, quit picking at my cuticles when I’m anxious. I’m tired of bleeding on everything.
  • Get up when I’m supposed to and consistently do my training in the morning rather than the evenings.
  • Drink less.
  • Be less affected by heteronymous forces. That is, curb my jealousies and resentments. Be myself and be good at it.
  • Keep reading. Challenge myself with new ideas.
  • Answer emails within a day of receiving them.

That will probably do it. If I do that combination of trivial and intense things while connecting better with the people around me, 2016 will be a good year.


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