On Injuries and Running and Being Busy

Or: Why I’m Dreading the San Francisco Half Marathon

On July 27 I’m running the SF Half. It will be my second-ever half marathon. Barring injury.

I’m dreading it. After doing the Oakland half (my first ever) in under an hour and a half — at a 6:49 pace — I wanted to get under an hour and twenty, or a 6:06/mile pace. But I had to skip training for most of May, then after a week back on I went and hurt myself. Now I haven’t run in eight days and generally feel fat and unhealthy.

The good news is that I don’t have a Jones Fracture in my left foot. The bad news is that I need to buy new running shoes before I can get back to training — my injury comes in large part from overuse in shitty shoes, both my running shoes (which are worn down and which I haven’t been able to afford to replace, because running shoes are actually stupid expensive) and my work shoes, which are from Payless. My mileage is compounded by the amount of time I spend on my feet.

And that brings me to point three, the third reason I’m dreading the SF Half: my god I’m exhausted. I’ve had one day off work since April, and that was Memorial Day. I won’t have another day off under June 28. My body is exhausted. Even when I do run my legs don’t want to carry me.

(The flip side of how busy I’ve been is that I’ve gotten really good at scheduling. Even today, a rare day with no obligations before going into my restaurant job, I’ve planned out exactly what I’ll be doing and when.)

This has been a (whiny) post.


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