Not my best week training, but that’s okay. It started out great, actually, with my best long run ever. 90 minute training run, got in exactly 12.5 miles, at a 7:11 pace. (I do my long runs on Mondays, because I’m on hospitality hours.) But then: nothing.

Tuesday was a rest day, and then Wednesday-Thursday I had to go down to The City for an internship interview (27 years old, a full-fledged member of the workforce for ten years, and starting over with internships, yay). Today’s rainy but I should have a chance to get out there.

The real problem with my training right now is my shoes. I’ve put way too many miles on them — 366.5, with about 324 of that coming since I started training seriously in December — and Nike running shoes are actually just not very good for people with joint issues, as I do with my knees. So I need to buy new ones, but running shoes are expensive. At least the good ones for people trying not to further destroy a bum knee.

My next race is the San Francisco Half, which is exactly three months from Sunday. So at least I’ve got time!


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