Two other things about the run yesterday: that was the first significant amount of time we had spent in Oakland. It felt an awful lot like my first 24 hours in New Orleans, in that I felt comfortable and at home and we were looking up apartments on Craigslist within three hours of arriving.

And the city is so incredibly diverse, in a way that Napa obviously is not. Running all across town, the races and ethnicities represented by both runners and on-lookers was just so diverse and joyful. Oakland suffers from many of the same post-industrial afflictions present in all the great cities (see: my hometown of Baltimore and longtime adopted home of New Orleans), but it’s got pride, and pride is one of the elements of unity. Above all, I think people benefit from being around folks of different colors and cultures and ethnicities, which could make it a very attractive place to move to from our stopping-point here in Napa.


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