This is Just a Really Good Guide to Baltimore

A good friend of mine, New Orleanian by birth, is in Baltimore today. He moved to Philadelphia for grad school, is finishing up his Masters and now looking at Law School. (Dude’s crazy, but also crazy-smart.) He got into Tulane, which would mean a move back home, obviously, and University of Maryland, whose law school is in Charm City. He texted me this morning with, “Going to be in Baltimore for the next 10 hours. Other than the Law School and the bust of Frank Zappa, what should I do?” One caveat: dude doesn’t drink and is highly allergic to gluten. This is what I came up with off the top of my head, with a little help from the internet on one of the points:

  • Walters Art Museum in Mt Vernon is free, and that neighborhood is beautiful. If I moved back to Baltimore I’d want to live there. That museum is more fine art/older stuff, so probably up [your girlfriend]’s alley. [His girlfriend is a graphic designer.] Again, it’s free so a good option for spending a couple of hours.
  • Also, Visionary Art Museum in Federal Hill is WILD. It’s not fine art/old stuff like the Walters, much crazier and newer. [And cooler.] You’d like it. Not free though.
  • Y’all could go down to the Harbor, walk around if the weather’s nice. You can climb Federal Hill and get a really good view of the city.
  • Lots of great coffee shops around town, especially in the neighborhood of Fells Point. Beautiful, historic area a little ways down the Harbor. [Nobody ever refers to that as “down” the Harbor; I inadvertently New Orleans-ized the directions there.]
  • If you want to branch out from the downtown area, go up to Charles Village and get soups/salads/hopefully other gluten-free options at Carma’s Cafe. I worked there for years. That neighborhood is where I’m from [only partially true] and it’s where Johns Hopkins is. [Also, I worked at Carma’s for years. There’s a sandwich there called the Apples Alexander that they run as a special pretty regularly. I created it.]
  • And if you want some funny sports, UMD vs Johns Hopkins lacrosse game today at 6pm. [This is the one I consulted the internet for.] That’ll be PACKED so look into getting tickets early.
  • Oh, and you could go up to Hamden, location of a lot of the John Waters movies. Funky shops, good food. If you’re have a map/GPS you want 36th at Keswick.

And you know what? That’d be a pretty good day in Baltimore.


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