How to Improve Your Life

Everything is better with a fried egg. Toast is great, toast with a fried egg is better. A croque monsieur is great, but a croque madame is even better. Pizza and pasta, both of these are great as well. But they’re both taken to unspeakable heights of wonder and deliciousness when you put a fried egg on top. Burgers, too, are delicious, but with fried eggs they are so very much better.

Bad hangover? Have a fried egg. So broke you can barely afford any food? Don’t buy ramen, buy eggs, and fry them. Going through a bad break up? Have a fried egg. Boss screams at you for no reason. Have a fried egg—and offer to make her one as well.

In case you didn’t get my thesis here—everything in life is better with a fried egg. A fried egg makes the lows a little less low, and makes the highs infinitely better. The gross becomes tasty, the tasty becomes heavenly, with only the addition of a single, simple, fried egg.


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