Revisionist History

I was literally days away from moving to Oakland, in a version of my history that I’ll probably tell in 5-10 years. In reality, I was about 3 months from applying to a grad program that, if it accepted me, would require moving to the Bay Area and I wanted Oakland over San Francisco over Berkley. But whatever, that version of history is boring. It was so much more urgent than that. Or so I seriously believed at the time.

Meanwhile, I realized I couldn’t afford to move, so there was no point in applying (probably couldn’t afford the application fee anyway). Even if I got in I wouldn’t be able to go, seeing as I am, how do you say? Not wealthy. So I decided not to apply, and immediately realized how little I wanted to leave this amazing city I call home and have generally felt good about the decision.

But dammit, Oakland! I still love Oakland!


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